Computational Mechanics

This research has mainly focused on numerical approach to engineering problems related to fluid mechanics, heat transfer and solid mechanics. Among the objectives, seeks recommendations for engineering problems such as the design of devices used for renewable energy conversion into electrical energy, manufacturing processes, structural analysis, simulation of complex arrangements of artifacts such as fins, heat exchangers, among others. The geometric optimization of various engineering systems mentioned and the study of complex phenomenology are also studied numerically.


Elizaldo Domingues dos Santos
Jeferson Avila Souza
Liércio André Isoldi
Marcelo Moraes Galarça
Mauro Vasconcellos Real
Ivoni Carlos Junior Acunha

Geophysical Fluid Modeling

study of evolution and adaptation phenomena associated with fluids Modeling and Transport Phenomena with emphasis on problems of atmospheric and ocean circulation and dispersion of pollutants.


Antonio Gledson Oliveira Goulart
Nisia Krusche
Wiliam Marques Correa
Mateus das Neves Gomes

Computer Science and Modeling Physics, Mathematics and Statistics

Study and development of numerical methods and analytics related to Computational Modeling, working on the development of approaches to physical and mathematical models capable of promoting the description and analysis of complex systems, with applications in science and engineering: optimization, inverse problems, stochastic models, modeling , processing and analysis of scientific data. Aims to promote the synergistic interaction of different fields of knowledge, providing tools to investigate complex phenomena which, until recently, could not be treated within the strict domain of established disciplines.


Adriano de Cézaro
André Andrade Longaray
Barbara Rodriguez Denicol
Katie Maria dos Santos Machado
Diana Francisca Adamatti
Emanuel da Silva Diaz Road
Leonardo Ramos Emmendorfer
Graçaliz Dimuro Pereira
Matheus Jatkoske Lazo
Sebastian P. Cicero Gomes
Silvia Silva da Costa
Viviane D. Leite de Mattos